Key Points for Teacher Reflection

Flexibility and Adaptability: the ability to adapt as needed, to not follow a rigid plan and realize that lessons often do not go the way you intended. Being a flexible teacher means that you are more likely to meet the needs of your students as you adjust the learning in response to student needs rather than ‘covering’ a checklist of predesigned activities.

Tip: Let the planning be organic, flexible and develop in response to student needs within a planned overview. The less p

Co-Constructing Planning - Who Do We Plan For?

 Planning for Conceptual Learning:

The planning process, should be dynamic, flexible, ongoing and encourage reflection. Schools and teachers should view planning as being responsive to student learning and interests. The planning process continues throughout the life of the unit and is developed according to the experiences and wonderings that occur during the learning process. There must be space for students to engage in meaningful conceptual inquiry and teachers need to create that space. Witho

‘I’m So Excited I Could Burst’

'I’m So Excited I Could Burst’

How do we cultivate curiosity, interest and wonderment? If we want students to genuinely inquire it is important that we give them the context for that to occur, a situation where curiosity, wonderment and excitement become a natural part of the learning process.View More >

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Building Curiosity