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Oct 31 2015
NIST International School Thailand

We are excited to be offering a great series of workshops at NIST International School in Bangkok on the 31 October to 1 November 2015.

Please go to the link to register. Payment for workshops can be made using PAYPAL or a credit card through the registration site, Eventbrite, or if an alternative payment option is required, please contact

For further information about the workshop and the workshop leader click on the link below the workshop.

Exploring Reading and Writing through Inquiry

Workshop Leader: Beth Queeney-Dressler

“Reading and writing float on a sea of talk.”-James Britton

This hands-on workshop will investigate the teaching and learning of reading and writing, with special attention given to English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners.


Social Media in Education

Workshop Leader: Tosca Killoran

In this workshop, we will examine the current climate of social media, how that relates to educators, explore a few case studies and investigate the strengths and limitations of the newest apps for sharing socially.


Deeper Documentation: A tool for understanding young children’s learning.

Workshop Leader: Fiona Zinn

This workshop will unpack the role of documentation as seen in the context of inquiry-based learning and explore 3 central concepts: Documentation as Communication, Documentation as a tool for ongoing Curriculum Design and Documentation as Professional Learning.


Mathematics and Inquiry in the Elementary School: Where do I start?

Workshop Leader: Mignon Weckert

In this workshop participants will explore research relating to effective teaching of mathematics and engage in mathematical inquiry.


Workshop Six: Engaging Students Through Design and Project Thinking

Workshop Leader: Julian Edwards

Project based learning is not a new approach to engaging students but when applied with current understandings about conceptual understanding and design thinking, it is newly important and powerful.


Workshop Seven: Differentiation: Attending to Needs

Workshop Leaders: Andrea Muller & Tania Lattanzio

'I like this class because there's something different going on all the time. This class, it's like my teacher really knows how to cook. It's like she runs a really good restaurant with a big menu and all.' This workshop will provide a tool-kit of approaches and strategies for building differentiated learning environments.


Workshop Eight: Think, Move, Learn: Physical Education, Creativity and Inquiring Minds

Workshop Leaders: Jane Mycroft and Ben Hart

This workshop will identify the benefits of utilising creative approaches to ensure that students think, move and learn through inquiry driven PE.


Workshop Nine: Play and Learning Environments

Workshop Leader: Anne van Dam

This workshop will explore play as young children's primary tool to learn about the world and their place in it. We will explore how children built and express their theories about the world, the importance of relationships, listening and children’s agency.