Innovative Global Education

Andrea has offered us invaluable support and guidance in developing our understanding of concept-based curriculum and inquiry practices. Through a balanced and open perspective, she used both practical examples of best practice and collaboration in the form of planning and thought-provoking discussions which have immensely benefitted Qatar Academy.

PYP Coordinator, Qatar Academy, Qatar
Susan Allenspach-Kuss

Thanks for Andrea’s careful guidance. In her trainings, we have gained lots of understanding of the Early Years curriculum and made big improvements in teaching and learning. We have been able to give children more space for inquiry and give teachers more space to grow. 

Zoey Zhang, K3 Teacher
Huijia Kindergarten, Beijing

We have been working with Andrea closely for almost two years. She has provided us a new paradigm of early childhood education, changed our school into a play-based learning setting, and helped us develop an inquiry-based program. Her philosophy has been leading all the teaching staff members on the way to promising early childhood development.

Mingzhu Xia PYP Coordinator
Beijing Haidian Huijia Wanquan Kindergarten, China

Andrea worked with the IGE Conceptual Model which is a fantastic way to measure the understanding of concepts. It did not limit the range and type of thinking or creativity of our students in their inquiry. In fact it aided in the solidifying and expansion of knowledge and understanding. In planning, the structure is differentiated and measurable.

Roz Tuitama, Specialist Team Leader
Waikowhai Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand